Xoom Energy

About Xoom Energy

We’re a progressive group of companies providing electricity and natural gas solutions to homes and businesses across North America. If you live in a deregulated energy market, you’re free to choose an energy supplier for your home or business. Once you hear about our unparalleled blend of products, energy plans and customer service, you’ll find it hard not to choose us. So XOOM on in a little closer – we think you’ll like what you see…

XOOM Energy is one of the nation’s largest independent energy providers, supplying electricity and natural gas in over 90 deregulated markets, including Pennsylvania,Connecticut,Illinois,Maryland, Texas, and others.

XOOM Energy Electric Rates

XOOM Energy offers a number of different plans, including variable month-to-month plans that fluctuate with the market, fixed-rate plans where the rate is locked in, and plans sourced entirely from renewable energy.

XOOM energy is just one of many retail electricity providers (REPs) offering services in the Texas deregulated market.

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