Pronto Power

About Pronto Power

Pronto Power is a subsidiary of Summer Energy operating in the deregulated energy market of Texas. The company specializes in prepaid electricity plans for customers with tight budgets and offers both residential and business rates.

Pronto Power specializes in prepaid electricity plans, meaning consumers pay for their electricity before they use it. Prepaid energy plans are a good option for customers who want to avoid credit checks, pricey deposits or long-term contracts.

Pronto Power Electric Rates

Pronto Power offers only prepaid electricity plans. For a minimum balance of $19.99 customers can get electricity within the hour, with no credit check, no deposits, and no long-term contract. Customers can keep track of their usage with daily notifications and enjoy pay-as-you-go electricity without connection fees.

However, with deregulation there are more options than ever before for electricity supply. Customers can exercise their power to choose with a multitude of different energy providers. It’s important to compare to make sure you’re getting what you need and want.

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