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About Chariot Energy

The energy industry is stuck in the past, relying on old ways of generating power and outdated customer service practices. We’re Chariot and we believe it’s time for energy to move forward. We’re delivering 100% solar power that’s as affordable as brown power, so everyone can get electricity from the sun without getting panels.

We’re transforming our state’s energy supply by building Texas-sized solar farms. And we offer easy-to-understand plans and transparent pricing, because your electricity company should never leave you in the dark. We’re on a mission to bring solar to all, forever changing the way people get power. So if you want to create a more sustainable future for Texas and for power that values people — hop on and let’s roll.

Chariot Energy’s Purpose?

We’re not just in the solar energy business.
We’re in the sunshine business.
Because the sun is not only our biggest source of power.
It’s our biggest source of inspiration.
Each day, sunshine brings more than an endless stream of photons and electrons. It brings promise.
The promise that today will be a bit better than yesterday.
The promise of new possibilities and fresh perspectives.
The promise of a clean start.
And that’s the energy we’re harnessing.
We’re here to bring solar to all, to forever change the way people get power, and to make your day a little better and a whole lot brighter.

Chariot. Delivering Sunshine.

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