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Amigo gets it — It’s not always easy to find the perfect plan

So, here are 3 things to consider before you get started:


Before you pick an electricity plan, it’s important to assess the size, style, and age of your home. For example: Since single-family homes are bigger than apartments or condos, they typically use more energy. Similarly, older homes aren’t usually as energy efficient as newer homes, which could result in higher bills.


Once you’ve assessed how your home affects your energy usage, your next step is to evaluate your daily needs. Do you work from home? Do you prefer to do laundry on weekends? Identifying which aspects of your life have the biggest effect on your home power usage will help you better tailor your electricity plan to your needs.


When it comes to choosing the right electricity provider – it’s not just about who has the cheapest rate. It’s also about their customer service, accessibility, payment options, reliability, and ability to match your lifestyle.

*Amigo Energy was nominated as one of the top 5 Best Electricity Companies in Houston by the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best (2021). Visit

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